I knitted all day and finished the second glove for #1 son’s Christmas… and then discovered that it was significantly larger than the first. So I frogged it down to the cuff and will spend tomorrow knitting, too.

This is okay, since one of my goals for this weekend is to take some time off and be alone. I have had a lot of driving and meeting and talking on my calendar lately, with more to come, so I need a bit of hermit-like relaxation. I’m enjoying the sound of the rain and the lack of sound otherwise.

Sad about the glove, though, since this really is my only full knitting day available between now and Christmas. Tomorrow is church and caroling, and by next week I’ll have family home.

“Shepherds Arise” is a lovely traditional English carol.

1. Shepherds, arise, be not afraid
With hasty steps repair
To Bethlehem city see the maid,
With her blest Infant there.

2. Laid in a manger view the Child,
Humility divine:
Sweet innocence (how meek! how mild!),
Grace in His features shine!

3. For us the Saviour came on earth,
For us His life He gave,
To save us from eternal death
And raise us from the grave.

4. To Jesus Christ, our glorious King,
Be endless praises given!
Let all the earth His mercies sing,
Who made our peace with Heaven.

Chances of our singing that tomorrow are slim, but it’s certainly a pleasure to sing. It was printed in 1926 after being collected in Dorset.