My first Shirttail T is nearly complete. The is the HotPatterns Shirttail T in Spoonflower organic cotton jersey.

I was thinking that it isn’t really necessary for me to sew new clothes this year because I havre plenty. Today, getting dressed for church for the first time in over a year, I discovered that the clothes I bought last year are too big for me. So I guess I do need to make new clothes.

Fortunately I have a sewing plan. I don’t know if I have the time to do the sewing…but I guess it’s all about priorities. I have a lot of fun plans for June, with three weekends scheduled for family fun. But I can spend my evenings sewing rather than knitting or doing housework or reading.

I should probably have cut my Shirttail Ts smaller. I cut size 8 and should have gone down to 6. However, I like the slouchy, relaxed look. I’m wearing a Talbot’s ensemble this morning in size 8 and it’s a bit roomy but not bad. I have a nice size 8 wardrobe now, and I would like to be size 8 so I can wear it. I hardly ever got out of jeans during the pandemic.

But I should probably enjoy being slim. This is the thinnest I have ever been in my adult life. I have a couple of doctors’ appointments coming up so if I am too thin they will tell me. Maybe I can stay at my current size and build a new wardrobe, passing my too-big clothes on to charity and taking pleasure in being skinny.