#2 daughter is home for Easter. We started yesterday with a trip to our favorite local bakery for tea and croissants with ham and cheese. We then met up with #1 daughter at the bookstore, where I bought some magazines. Next up was the home improvement store for curtain hardware. It came to $129 for, essentially, three little poles.


I also got a sample of paint. I had a magazine coupon which offered a free sample in “any color,” but the colors they were actually offering were quite limited. I had hoped to get a little bit of copper-colored paint to add a bit of trim somewhere in my copper and verdigris room, but I ended up with this:


Of course, it is only supposed to be a sample, and one shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Also, my daughters would not have allowed me to paint trim in Maple Syrup, the color I wanted, though I show it to you here with the other elements in the room to prove how nice it could have looked:

MPC00068467-2 aubrey copper ColorChipPNGServlet

We went on to T. J. Maxx where said daughters found some very cute shoes, to Pier One where we talked and laughed and tried out the furniture, and then to lunch at a local brewpub. #1 son joined us and we had fun conversations over tasty food and drink. I got a bit sunburned.

We split up at that point and I went grocery shopping and picked up a few plants for my windowboxes. Then #2 daughter and I watched movies and talked, as well as doing a bit of baking and cooking ahead, planting said plants, and — after #1 son arrived — munching on leftover pizza and helping him come up with ideas for a paper he’s working on.

All in all, it was a fun day.