I’ve done some shopping recently, though I am generally working on reducing debt rather than shopping.

I bought a Craftsy kit at 60% off, though I don’t think I could claim to need more yarn. Still, this is a gorgeous sweater in one of my basic colors, at a serious discount.

Next up, super comfortable slingbacks that feel like flats but will look more polished with skirts than my normal ballet flats do. Also on sale. I know I will get a lot of wear out of these and they will extend my wardrobe, though I can’t claim that I needed another pair of shoes.

A right-size bra, and boy does that make a difference. I grabbed a cheap one to be sure of size — I’ve sized down just once in the course of my weight-loss journey.

And while my shopping typically takes the form of books, craft supplies, food, shelter, and clothing, this is a political merch purchase.

Andrew Yang is my favorite 2020 candidate. We’ll see what happens with him.