This sweater is Lady Gansey from the book Wanderlust. The stitches for the sleeves are picked up around the armscye as is traditional for an old-world drop shoulder sweater.

Things change at that point, though, because we use short rows to shape the sleeve cap.

I’ve never tried this before. It seems like an excellent idea. It prevents all the possible problems of sleeve cap and armscye not matching or being hard to sew together — and I have had problems with this particular issue fairly often in the past.


However, it seems to add a bit of frilling which may turn out to be more of a problem. This could be (almost certainly is) user error. Unfortunately, it will be quite a while into the knitting before I’ll know for sure whether I need to take it all out and redo it.

This method also makes it impossible for me to knit the two sleeves simultaneously, which I always do in hope of getting two sleeves that are just alike. This could be trouble.

(The yarn here is KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Sport in Mai Tai Heather on #6 needles.)