I have the fronts started on Ketch. The second Ketch, that is. This is a common or garden variety sweater just like the last one I did but even simpler, what with it being all stockinette. There’s not much here for the Knitting Life List.

I’ve been doing the popular culture things on the KLL, watching The Quiet Man and reading knitting mysteries and such. I should be knitting a lace shawl. I actually bought yarn for the purpose, in the Pantone Color of the Year, and chose a pattern. I’d have gotten lots of points for that. But I’m knitting Ketch.

And I don’t think a trip to Norway, Estonia, or even Scotland is in the cards any time soon.

So I will advance my KLL with research into fiber festivals, virtual museum trips, and collecting knitting art into my Pinterest board, seen at the top of this post.

And perhaps get started on that shawl.