It’s Shrove Tuesday today, Pancake Tuesday. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Today is Pancake Tuesday, the day to eat up all the butter and eggs and cream in the house so we can properly do without for Lent.

I give up something for Lent most years. Sometimes I take something up, but it doesn’t seem to concentrate my mind as well.

Once or twice I’ve decided that things were dire enough that I didn’t need a Lenten discipline to focus on serious matters like sin and repentance. This year I’m thinking of giving up sugar.

I normally don’t give up sugar for Lent because my birthday falls in Lent and I wouldn’t want to do without birthday cake. But this might be the year for it. Most of my kids live far away and my husband won’t notice my birthday.

And sugar is the last of the Evil 6 that is really hard for me to do without. And of course I spend a lot of time writing about the health effects of sugar.

I write for a consortium of doctors, and never write anything without the strongest possible evidence from the most respected sources. And that means that I’m pretty confident that a high-sugar diet is tied to disorders from depression to cancer.

So it’s worth a try.