Well, maybe not gloria, exactly, but one of our websites did have a visit from the Executive Office of the President. I have no idea how many computers there are in that office, or who works there, but I did have a moment imaging Mr. Obama reading a blog post or two.

Probably there is some page whose job it is to read all the Google new alerts for the president.

Even so — kind of cool, right?

In unrelated news, the picture here is of the actor who plays the protagonist in White Collar, a TV show #2 son introduced to me. I remarked that this guy is very handsome.

“I know!” said #2 son in the kind of voice you use to agree to some amazingly insightful comment. “Creepily so!”

I couldn’t let that pass. He just seems like a normal handsome guy to me, not creepy. This was not the point #2 son wanted to make, though.

He just felt astounded that the girls he knows, who will usually watch anything with a handsome guy in it, didn’t all watch this program.

I have no explanation for this astonishing fact.