I’m working, but I’m also definitely sick. NyQuil at night and Tylenol in the daytime, working as much as possible, but yesterday after work I lay on the couch under a blanket watching the Great British Baking Show and drinking tea. That’s about where my energy level is.

Knitting is too arduous.

We’re completely snowed in. No trash pickup, no deliveries, but we have electricity and we have food, m so I have nothing to complain about.

This morning I skipped exercise again, but did rally enough to look at spring 2021 fashion trends in case I might find DYW inspiration.

Here’s what I saw:

  • wrap skirts
  • wider pants
  • longer hemlines
  • yellow handbags
  • pastels
  • sheer floaty fabrics
  • looser jackets
  • floral prints
  • bare midriffs

I might do a wrap skirt and a wider pair of pants. I’ve got a yellow handbag. Pastels and florals sound good. One loose, floaty, sheer fabric item and a looser jacket or two. No bare midriff for me.

This HotPatterns capsule — with a solid color rather than the animal print for the jacket and gray instead of black — might be a good inspiration.

This kit from La Droguerie looks like a good challenge.

And this burnt coral shade will be my fashion color.

I’ll be working again today, with the help of drugs and tea. I’ll also be thinking about fashion trends and maybe looking through sewing and knitting patterns. If I can muster up the energy