I’m sick today. I worked in the morning, but accomplished so little that it seemed pointless. I ended up getting two blog posts written and talking on the phone with my daughters, and that was it. The rest of the day I slept.

Actually, there was also a pile of packages on my porch when I got up mid-afternoon to check email.

Here’s the haul:

  • A drawer organizer from Vine– it matches the organizers I use in the fridge to keep veggies front and center. Naturally, this means that I need to reorganize my kitchen tool drawer, but the Goddess Annoia will be satisfied.
  • A cover from Vine for the fire pit Vine sent me. It’s a perfect fit, and definitely needed.
  • A knitting T-shirt –an absolutely unnecessary impulse buy made when a friend posted it to me on social media.


  • A Westinghouse personal smoothie blender, also from Vine, to compare with my Rocket.
  • An order from Coldwater Creek with a cardigan, a jacket, and a couple of necklaces following the “Sew to Flatter” class wardrobe rules.

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  • Two Vine paperback novels to read — just what a sick person needs!
  • Mosquito repellent bracelets to review.

Sort of like Christmas (the present part, natch), though there were some actual purchases in there. It helped me tone down my feeling sorry for myself.

Now it’s just a matter of living through the misery of being sick. Mostly by reading and sleeping. And being thankful that I am usually disgustingly healthy.