I’m tired. The 50 hour work week? Three evening events this week? My continued consumption of ice cream and lack of exercise? My planner for the week looked so cheery and tidy on Sunday night, as shown above. It got more exciting.

I will be volunteering for four hours tomorrow in the next county to the north, after brunch with #1 daughter and the Baby, and we’re all having Mother’s Day lunch on Sunday.

I turned on the air conditioner when my husband left for work. It seemed like the most restful and indulgent thing I could do.

So what did I do after work? I cooked dinner, ate, cleaned the kitchen while listening to Bill Bryson’s Made in America, and am now sitting on the sofa with a cat, about to return to sewing or knitting. Except that my hands hurt.

But even if I’m not producing any inches of fiber at the moment, I am not a slacker, because I am vacuuming at the same time.

Alexa read my book to me while I did the kitchen. Mr. Cycloneforce (5 syllables) is cleaning the carpets while I type this.

Mr. Cycloneforce is actually a robot vacuum. I think he’s a Sony device, but the words on him say “Cyclone Force.” My husband decided he is male. #2 daughter decided that he is Italian. see-clone-a-for-chay. Signore Cycloneforce.

He goes around cleaning while I …don’t.

Soon I’ll go to bed and read my latest review copy of a Flaxborough novel. I love the series by Colin Watson and have the good fortune of being on the review list as they are reissued. Reading a good book in a cool bedroom should be restful.