Here ‘s my two-piece. It was difficult to get the shot, so it’s blurred, but you can probably see the curious effect at the waistband.

To my surprise, this skirt has elastic in the waistband. The waistband is quite wide, much wider than waistband elastic. In this soft a fabric, it’s an odd effect. I can’t tell whether I did it wrong or if it’s intentional.

The pattern is Simplicity 1467.


Apart from that uncertainty — and I had the same “Is it me or is this pattern drawn wrong?” feeling with the top — I like it.


I cut the main panels of the skirt with the border at the bottom, of course, and then cut the yoke from the border as well, so there’s an extra shot of pattern behind the pocket. The yoke of the top is also cut from the border. The fussy cutting left me with unusably small scraps at the end, so there’s nothing to do now but press the outfit and wait till it’s warm enough to wear it.


I’m planning to make the pants next, in a sand- colored stretch woven rayon blend called Astaire which I found on sale, and I believe I will also make the top again, in bright blue linen. I bought enough of the Astaire to make a second skirt. It is different enough in look from the first fabric to make quite a different effect, and I suppose I might discover what if anything I should have done differently withe the waistband.

By the time I’ve done those pieces, this pattern (apart from the jacket) should be in the T&T category. The jacket is pretty, with the peplum detail that is being talked about a lot for spring, but it might be too girly for me — or too hard for my limited tailoring skills. If I weren’t concerned about those two possibilities, I could see it in this orchid herringbone wool:


Perfect Easter suit, right?