Last night, after we finished baking cookies, #2 daughter and I watched the Dr. Who Christmas Carol, which included singer Katherine Jenkins. She has a truly lovely voice, and here she is singing the song of the day, “In Dulci Jubilo.”

This song, “In sweet rejoicing,” is a macaronic song, a term which completely escaped my mind last night. Or not completely, because I kept thinking it was something like “macaroni” and rejecting that idea. Macaronic texts combine medeival German and Latin, though this version uses English rather than German. It was apparently dictated to a German mystic by angels in the 14th century.

You’ll recognize the tune as “Good Christian Men, Rejoice,” or “Good Christian Friends, Rejoice,” and we certainly should.

I have a lot to rejoice about.

For one thing, the world did not end.

I wasn’t actually expecting it to, but there was talk.

Today we have an office party. We have no office, so we’re having it at home, and we plan to do a bit of cleaning and cooking toward that end. I also plan to get out and go for a walk, because I’ve had no more fresh air lately than what I’ve gotten in parking lots. It appears to be shaping up into a beautiful day.