This is what’s left of the sixth skein of KnitPicks Haze Heather, with the fronts and backs of the second Ketch completed.

I did the waist shaping increases for the first Ketch with M1, as the pattern specified. With this one, I went with the more common knitting into the front and back of the stitch.

Can you see the tiny holes in the pink version, which are not visible in the lilac version?

Maybe not.

Today was my husband’s birthday. I got up before 5:00 a.m. and cleaned house for a couple of hours. When he got home from work, I made waffles. #1 daughter brought chicken and #1 son and DIL came for chicken and waffles. The Baby was also there.

Everyone dispersed after a bit. #1 son and DIL went to the river to float and thence to a baseball game. #1 daughter and the Baby went to hang out with the Good Ol’ Boy’s family. My husband, having worked all night, went to bed.

I knitted, read, spent some time outside in the gorgeous spring day, did the grocery shopping, and then did some sewing.

This is the HotPatterns Two Hour Skirt. It uses hem facings, which seems to be working out well.

I binged-watched The Good Wife while hemming the skirt. It looks great with the lilac Ketch.

I ate cookies, took a nap, thought about my upcoming staycation… It was a very relaxing day.