Back before the Great Upheaval of April I started doing the Home Edit Workbook and had gotten up to the china cabinet. Today, even though there are many higher priority areas in my house, I got back to it. I did the left hand, or Blue Willow, side of my china cabinet.

I’ll let the teacups spread out a little more, but I like it.It is more logical, and shows just what I have in a way that the previous higgledy-piggledy jumble did not.

The high stacks of plates seem a little precarious, but I hope they are not too heavy for that bottom shelf.

I will empty the drawers of their random junk and put the silverware into them, and maybe the table linens as well. Or at least some table linens.

I kind of love it.

I took everything out of the right hand side and put some of it back in, but not all. All the antiques, at least.

It’s still pretty utilitarian, actually. Most of the shelves are nit charming vignettes, and it is not symmetrical or in a pattern or anything.

And now I guess polish the wood. That sounds like a good project for today.