The second Ketch is now up to Skein 4 — Skein 4 and a half, actually. The back is complete and I've just begin the increases on the fronts. Skein 4 is finished, but I'm doing the fronts simultaneously from two skeins of yarn. Skein 5 is about half finished. I'm joining in Skein 6 and continuing the fronts.

I went to the farmers market this morning and nearly froze to death getting flowers for church for tomorrow. There I saw this sign:

Then I hung out with the girls and the Baby for a bit and we met #1 son and the Little Girl at Apple Blossom for lunch.

#2 girl and I went home for a cup of tea, and then she headed back up to her apartment in The Big City.

I have no dog in the house now. Bisi and Pepper had developed a friendship, so they may miss each other. I've been greatly blessed by having my kids and grandkids around a lot, and I've taken a lot of pleasure in the social events and music and workshops, performances and gatherings.

Now maybe I will get back to my good eating habits and start sewing the projects from my Seamwork DYW. I cleaned the kitchen, and maybe I'll manage to get back on track with housekeeping and to step up my exercise regimen.

But tonight I'm knitting Ketch. and watching Hulu.