My bathroom got nicely tidied up during the Bathroom Project, but the Health and Beauty Project has involved the addition of quite a few skin care products for review.

Cleansers in the shower, serums and moisturizers in the cabinet, assorted creams and potions in the face care bins…

Extras that don’t fit elsewhere are stowed under the sink.

In other words, it’s a mess.

I confess that yesterday I was tempted to just order the Erno Laszlo ritual starter set. It would fit the available space, I trust it, and I would be through with the experimentation.

I resisted the temptation.

I am, now that I have learned what ingredients to look for, trying out products containing those ingredients. So far, everything makes my skin feel softer compared with not using a serum or moisturizer. Over the long run, who knows? If they’re all just about the same, I could choose the brand with the nicest packaging. Or the lowest price tag.