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I reached a weight loss goal a month ago and since then have been up a pound and down a pound with no lasting change. This is because I am not eating right, moving right, or sleeping right. Recently, my sleep hours are 4.5, 6.5, 5.4 — not the 7 to 8 hours I need. My steps still average more than 5,000 a day, but I have had quite a few 2,000 to 3,000 step days. I’m eating the Evil 6 at every meal, eating restaurant food and even fast food without making careful choices, and snacking stupidly.

Now, I’m enjoying my slimmer self, even if Wii Fit does say, “That’s overweight!” to me every time I step on the board. But I have been noticing things around me. People my age with back trouble, hip trouble, knee trouble, and I can’t help thinking that they’re probably asking a lot of their bones. If they had lost weight and built up those bones with exercise, they probably wouldn’t have been in that position.

Bone trouble and joint trouble mean limited movement, weaker balance, and threatened independence.

So we’re having exciting times at work, and there’s some stress involved in that. Just yesterday we added a couple more intriguing projects to the mix, I’ve been in meetings every day for weeks, and I have more work than I can actually finish. We’re also making big decisions, which is stressful no matter how exciting.

I also have guys at home all day every day, which interrupts my habits. But I should be capable of developing healthy habits that work around them. They’re important to me, but I’m also important to them and they can understand that I need to work out and eat right.  My husband made burgers and Cheetos for dinner last night. I ate them. I also ate cookies, and that is completely on me. My husband also has been staying up late and coming to bed at 4:00 a.m., a major element in the not sleeping situation. But I stayed up late last night reading (I have a lot of books to review), and that was my choice.

So mostly I need to take responsibility for my own behavior. I have to get back on track with my healthy habits and continue toward my next weight loss goal.

No more excuses.