Another night of inadequate sleep. I’ve been waking too early and being unable to go back to sleep lately. Stress, I assume. However, I slept very soundly from 10:15 to 3:30 or so — 97% efficiency, even if I was a couple of hours short.

Is it in fact stress? Is it eating too much sugar? Perhaps it’s my failure to follow my daily routines this week, including looking at screens after 8:00 and eating dinner late. I wake up in the small hours thinking about work, so it could be that I have too much work to do — or that my insistence on taking weekends off is limiting my ability to get the work done.

Or perhaps it is that I am excited about work and want to get up and get to it.

Maybe all that time I was blaming the dog or the kids or my husband for interrupted sleep, it was really just insomnia.

Poor sleep hygiene is a common problem among us computer guys, and I know from experience that those morning and evening routines give me better sleep, so I know the solution even if I don’t know the cause.