The big question of my life today was this: can I stay awake all the way through choir?

It seemed unlikely.

I got up at 5:30 and met my dad for breakfast at 6:30. I then went to a business meeting. I was stood up, actually, and the tea was made with water that had been heated in a coffee pot. This was not good; however, I did get all the papers graded, so that was a plus.

On to class. We had plenty of spirited discussions but at least we didn’t get into auto-erotic asphyxiation, the topic that arose on Monday right before I said, “Don’t tell your parents what we discussed today,” surely the worst thing any teacher can possibly say.

Ah, well.

Following class and thirty minutes trying to persuade a student that her thesis, “Psychic phenomena are real,” required some facts to back it up, I went to pick up my purse from the place where I had left it the previous day.

I opened the door to the office and walked in, calling “Hello?” or “YooHoo!” or some other equivalent of “Cooee!” A dog met me at the door.

I have seen movies with this scene, so I thought for a moment of turning around and leaving, but I also have dogs and I decided to go with reality instead. Accordingly, I petted said dog and went and got my purse. I left a note on the markerboard and left, reaching home just in time for a flotilla of emails and phone calls.

I wrote all the blog posts for the day. Four hours. Not bad.

It was at that point, 12.5 hours after getting up, that I decided I couldn’t stay awake through choir. Not reasonable, right?

I think that eight hours of uninterrupted sleep would change my life.

In any case, I broiled some salmon and ate it with greens and a potato, while watching The Colbert Report and The Daily Show.

The combination woke me up enough to go on to choir.

The director told us about the Advent music service, which is coming up really, really soon.

“We’ll sing the doxology to the tune of…” he said, and froze. He couldn’t remember the name of the tune.

“Peaceful Easy Feeling?” suggested a tenor. This jogged his memory enough that he was able to hum “Angels We Have Heard on High,” the actual tune in question.

I have some two dozen books I am supposed to review, so I think I must now go and do some serious reading before falling to sleep.

Eight hours…