Rue Bossy d’Angles is a classic raglan sweater. That means that the sleeves are knitted down from the top as tubes after the shoulder shaping.

You can do this flat, which is how the pattern is actually written, but then you have to sew up the sleeves. So I am doing them in the round. Since the number of stitches for the sleeve is quite small, that means either double pointed needles or sleeve needles.

Sleeve needles are short circular needles. This particular needle is precisely long enough to fit the stitches for this tiny sleeve. It’s more comfortable to knit more stitches than to have to stretch, but this is the Naissance or newborn size, so I’m happy to be able to use my sleeve needle.

I use sleeve needles for socks as well. They’re a bit more convenient that DPs, though I certainly don’t mind using DPs from time to time.

Rue Bossy d’Angles is an ordinary Paris street near the Louvre. Many of the patterns from la Droguerie are named with place names. This lovely wee sweater has a charming Pierrot collar — or will once I get that part knitted.

I’m staying home and knitting it.

Yesterday I went to #1 daughter’s place and we made her a dozen dinners for the freezer. She can use them once the new baby comes. We did Mexican Meatballs and Italian Meatballs and Lasagne, chili, baked ziti and Chicken Tetrazzini, plus Honey Lime Chicken and Swiss Chicken Casserole.

I came home and knitted, cleaned house, and baked a blueberry cake.

This morning I broke 3,000 steps in my half hour Wii Fit session. I think I can call myself fully recovered from my busy spring. Still, I think I need one more day of solitude. I may get the Rue Bossy d’Angles sweater done, or I might be pulled away by the Knitted Animal Friends project, which has been calling to me.

Either way, I am enjoying a quiet day. I have an Amazon Pantry shipment coming today, so I may tidy the pantry while I put it away. I might tidy the living room, too. But mostly I’ll loll around on the sofa knitting.

I have a business meeting in the morning, and this relaxing day should get me into shape for it.