I knitted the sleeves of #2 daughter’s Christmas sweater too small, so I’ve been reknitting the sleeves.

This is Adiri from Mind of Winter. I knitted one for #2 daughter last year. It looked great. See?


This year I made the same sweater in the same size, but it ended up too small. The length was the same, but the width was quite different. The fiber content, I figure, was the issue. This is what you get when you swatch only for stitches per inch and ignore the rows per inch.

In the far left of the picture at the top, you see the sleeve made according to the pattern. The other two are the reknitted sleeves, near completion.

Since the pattern didn’t work, I tried making the sleeves up as I went along. Predictably, they don’t quite match. I’m currently frogging and reknitting them until they match. Then I guess I will try to sew them in, at which point I’ll discover whether they fit the sweater. Then I’ll finish the sweater and send it to #2 daughter and find out if it fits her.

Swatch. You want to dive into the sweater, but you don’t really want to have to knit it over and over. Swatch.