There was a lot of admin stuff to do yesterday, plus school, website changes, website analyses, phone calls, emails, a meeting, and a little extra time I took going to get my card from the gym, so I got seriously behind. I was going to skip chorale, but La Bella came to pick me up, so I went. The result was that I was still writing at 11:00 last night. And the result of that was that I did not go to the 5:30 Toning class at the new gym this morning.

I went to this gym back in 2006. It has actually moved to a place that used to house a movie theater. I didn’t take the time to go in yesterday, just got my little key ring swiper thing, but I’m interested to see how it has changed. La Bella, who just joined a different gym, tells me that it is very clean. Online reviews say that the customer service is awful. I found that true; the guy who gave me my card was neither welcoming nor friendly, and completely ignored everyone who entered while I was there, while two other folks in mufti (so I assume they were office people at the gym) talked to each other throughout and never looked at a customer once.

I don’t care about that. I will be quite happy to go in by myself at 5:00 am and very very gradually work my way back up to some decent level of strength, or to attend class and get out fast and back to my computer by 7:00.

Having slept in, though, I will be doing Wii Fit Free Step today, and then getting back to work. I intend to get the blog posts in and scheduled for tomorrow. Then I can get the Friday posts in and scheduled over the next couple of days and the Monday posts scheduled on Friday.

True, I have had this plan before, and it hasn’t happened. However, I have new software which might help streamline the process. Our new blogger/linkbuilder comes on full time in a couple of weeks, praise the Lord, so it’s just a matter of holding on till then and I think she will be able to help out a lot.

In chorale we’re doing “Euge Serve” as well as the Mendelsohn Psalm 42. It’s beautiful, but I couldn’t find any recordings to share with you — too new and too obscure, apparently.