I’m not really slip-sliding away. I’m just sewing a slip and the song came into my mind. This is Gertie’s slip pattern, Gertie of Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing. She’s doing a sewalong/ tutorial and also provided kits. The sewalon was supposed to have begun on April 1st, so while I bought a kit (okay, I bought two… long story), I didn’t expect the kit to arrive by April 1, so I also bought a couple of yards of 2-way stretch fabric at the local fabric store.

It feels nice to the touch, but it’s like sewing a rubber band. I did the front by hand because it seemed highly unlikely that I would succeed by machine. I was basting it, really, with the idea that I would then use a zigzag stitch as the directions said. However, once I basted it all together, I went back and whipped the darts and miters, and I think I may do the same for all the lace edges as well.


It’s time to add elastic to the front of the top and the back and then to sew the front and back together. This will require being brave about the sewing machine. I may destroy the whole thing. However, the tutorial is very helpful. I wish all pattern designers would provide tutorials.