2 If you read my blog and have total recall, you may know that I have trouble with my eyes sometimes. It is sometimes now. My eye is dripping and producing what doctors sometimes call “matter” and sometimes discharge, both disgusting. The condition is disgusting. For me it seems to come from the combination of allergies and stress.

Sometimes it leads to full-blown blepharitis, which is even more disgusting.

I was over at La Bella’s today, helping her out with  some computer issues. We’ve had some intractable computer issues lately, and I was glad to have the reminder that we usually can solve clients’ computer issues briskly. Today one client had disappearing pages — fixed. Yesterday a client had lost her Pinterest account — fixed. Friday a client had an issue with his email signature — fixed. Thursday one had a Google Places issue — fixed.

That’s normal.

Be all that as it may, I am stopping work for the evening. I am going to watch a movie, knit #2 son’s Christmas sweater, and try to will my eye to get better.