I was scheduled to help out with a music workshop today and looking forward to it, but it has been canceled for inclement weather. I have a little bit of work to do today, but I have determined to make most of the day a Snow Day.

I think I’ll make things.

Obviously I also have to do some housework, but I intend to come back with my report of progress on #1 son’s sweater (with tea and novels) or those Marrakesh pants (Season 3 of House of Cards, maybe) or maybe some baking. I might put together the coffee table that arrived on Wednesday, or write the February chapter of the book I’m working on. I may play with my embroidery machine.

There is something so luxurious about an unplanned day.


I made the wall hanging above for my bedroom, since it’s the last day of February. It’s a printed panel and I just ironed on some interfacing, stitched in a layer of fleece, and hemmed all the edges onto a lining. It’s hanging crooked from a makeshift rod and pushpins. I’ll fix it one day.