We were planning a family gathering for my birthday, but we had snow instead, so there will be a reschedule. I had also planned on Sunday School, church, and attending a play with friends before the family plan arose, but I think the snow will keep me from following through on that, too. However, #1 daughter and her family are going to brave the roads and bring lunch.

I am therefore continuing my PSD (Personal Sewing Day) weekend. I’ll do the hems on the coral Victoriana tee, and then move on to the two-piece print dress.

Or, since it’s my birthday and I can do whatever I want, I might switch over to knitting. I’m working on the Geo-Snow (epic) and the Ravinia tank (zombie). Either can make a nice productive day out of a lolling on the sofa snow day.

#1 daughter and her family brought me tea and macarons as well as lunch. After a pleasant time with them and a call from #2 son, I finished up the Victoriana, signed up for a 7 day trial at Britbox, and watched British mysteries while knitting.

Quite a good snow day birthday.