It snowed yesterday and we’ve shut down the office till the new year, so it’s a snow day.

I’m watching Leverage and knitting slippers.

To knit slippers of the kind I’m knitting, you basically just make a very big, loosely knitted wool sock.

Cast on 44 stitches and join them in a ring. Knit the cuff 12-20 rows long and then knit the heel flap on 22 stitches, slipping the first stitch of each row. Turn the heel, knit up 11 stitches on each side of the flap to make the gusset, complete the heel with decreases, and then knit the body of the sock. Round the toe with with paired decreases and cast the two needles off together.

This is what the slipper looks like when it has been knitted. Now we have to felt it.

Put a drop of liquid soap on it, tie it up in a pillow slip, and throw it in the washer with hot water.

Run it through the cycle, checking frequently to make sure you stop the felting at the right point.

This is where the fit comes in — you felt it down to the right size.

Once it has been felted, you have to dry it. I put a couple of water bottles into the slippers to make sure they end up matching.

Once they’re fairly dry, take out the bottles and make sure the shape is what you want.

The slippers at left were knitted for Christmas presents for #1 daughter and her beau.

I had intended to make them for almost everyone, but they did not get finished in time.

The scarf, Henry, did get completed and I think that #1 son really likes it.

#2 son’s vest didn’t get completed. His sweater from a couple of Christmases ago got felted — my husband is one of those overzealous launderers — so he certainly needs me to complete it, but it might be Easter.

Here are the finished slippers. They are warm and cozy, and you can sew leather soles onto them if you want them to last for years and years.

So today I am making more slippers, with very cold feet to encourage me.

I’m also doing Ignite and Daily Burn. I like Daily Burn — the “Move” workouts are fun and happy. I don’t like Ignite, but I have lost a pound from the prep day, so I am cheerfully eating nothing but meat and veg.

I seriously doubt that I will be able to do so for 21 days. Ignite is vrery serious about this. If you cheat at all, they say, you must start over. However, the “Balance” section gives you 15 servings a week of gluten, sugar, or dairy. That seems completely reasonable.