I won’t be starting those socks immediately. I will first spend a couple of months thinking about it.

As soon as I finish sewing my spring capsule — a couple more weeks — I’ll get back to Chimera. I also have a couple of baby sweaters to do, and the second mitten.

So I have a couple of months to choose a sock pattern. Accordingly, I pulled out my sock pattern books.

Silk Road Socks has gorgeous sock patterns. Texture stitches and lace, and don’t forget — you have to knit two alike. Definitely epic projects, maybe even aspirational.

Wild Mittens and Unruly Socks is another aspirational pattern book. These socks are all elaborate color work. And again, you have to make two alike. I like the ones with roses, but the book also contains political, animal, and religious designs. All epic.

Joy of Sox tries to make all its sock patterns sexy, which leads to silly double entendres. The pictures aren’t that clear, either. However, they do have a wide variety of patterns. Colorwork, textures, stripes, lace, cables — different levels of complexity, too.

I think I may actually make something from Socktacular, which is a KnitPicks book. The socks are to be made with your favorite toe and heel, and simple patterns for the uppers and cuffs. Some of the patterns have just four rows, so they will be easily memorized. These could be the zombie project to go with my epic Chimera.