I like sore muscles, but I rarely get them nowadays. I have become lazy and out of shape. Let’s not even mention snacks.

I know that it’s not just me… the quarantine is bad for health habits. But I am enjoying my sore muscles.

Quads in particular. I assume this is the hills from yesterday’s urban hike. I’m staying in today, but trying to get up and down enough to stretch out a bit.

Some people don’t exercise specifically because they want to avoid the sore muscles. I like them, though.

After I got home yesterday, #1 daughter brought the babies over. She went and bought the Littles some clothes and shoes for preschool.

We played blocks.

We had tea parties.

We went bowling with the Bowling Bunnies.

Today I read in bed with an early cup of tea, then hung out with my husband and #1 son and his family.A good phone conversation with #2 daughter and then with #1 daughter. Then I cut out some more of the pieces for the Fall 2020 Collection. A few reviews, and some progress on Chimera.

A nice day, vacation-like without any sightseeing. I did just what I felt like all day.