I made one Ravinia tank in KnitPicks CotLin, and then started another in Polaris. I’ve knitted it up to the armscye. Polaris is a dramatic yarn, soft and self-striping, with sequins plied in.

The first Ravinia had errors, so I’m being more careful with this one.

It’s striped rather than stripy, but the stripes look, at least in the photos, like peaks and valleys rather than stripes.

The Baby came over for a few hours while #1 daughter had a ladies’ lunch with an old friend.

We played lots of fun games, including Dump-Out-Scatter-Put-Back-In, Farm, and Bocce. We read stories, ate chicken and vegetables and cashews for lunch, and played outside with flowers.

After she went home, I read a Philippa Gregory novel and knitted as the rain poured outside.

It was a restful day. I’m having my third solitary evening in a row. I feel like a wilting plant stretching out upon hydration. I feel as though I could spend a week this way and benefit greatly. Ah yes, the missed vacation. But a couple of lazy weekends can equal a week’s vacation, or very nearly.

I have stuff scheduled for the next couple of days, but I will take all the rest I can this weekend.