I’ve been doing quite well, since finishing my Thanksgiving travels and Christmas shopping, at spending very little and putting lots into debt payoff. I had a spendy weekend, though.

I took my little granddaughtesr to the bookstore and bought a normal amount of books plus renewing my membership there. And then I got home and ordered a couple of books I had seen at the bookstore from Amazon. Along with a new waffle iron. and then my new Sunday school book. and a normal amount spent at the grocery store. And then I placed an order at Schwan’s.

Books for me and the babies, then, and groceries, and replacing a broken household appliance that I use everyday. Nothing too extravagant.

But more spending than I’ve done in weeks. I was briefly horror-stricken when I totaled it up and wrote it all down.

I do want to pay off debt and put something aside for travel, but I don’t want to get stressed about buying books or groceries. Fresh fruit, a steady supply of books for the grandchildren… and books for me, too. I work hard and books are important to me. Healthy food is, too. Balance, right?