I’m working on paying off my medical bills and saving up for a trip to Germany I hope to make in September, and therefore I have been avoiding spending money. I decided, though, after long thought, that I have to spend something on clothing this year. I have had times in the past when I simply didn’t buy clothes, but I’m doing a little careful expenditure this year, and my Spoonflower order finishes up that investment.

This dragon print will be a bow blouse for Look #2.

This stripe is going to be a T for Look #4, since I have become convinced that a striped T is a basic requirement for a complete wardrobe.

This solid twill will be a pair of Capri or Bermuda pants for high summer, or perhaps even a second skirt for a variation on Look #3.

Call it look number 3/4, since it’s got the striped T.

These are the colors of the yarns I will be using. I haven’t entirely decided on the patterns to use.

I plan to do some cutting today and to get started on the sewing this week.