The backing for The Little Boy’s quilt arrived yesterday, so last night I washed and dried it, sandwiched it with the quilt top and batting — and sewed on wide red borders at the sides of the quilt to make it fit better — and pinned it all together.

I’m using the small frame again. I have a large quilt frame, but there is another quilt in it, one that has been there for years. The small one is comfortable to work with.

I received a box of embroidery thread from my Prime Day shopping, and it had a bright yellow thread. I plan to quilt around the applique motifs, and also to quilt stars in the open spaces, so a shiny yellow seems perfect. It will contrast well with both the turquoise and the red. So I no longer need to feel concerned about which sweater to work on or whether I could make that bag in time, because I will be quilting instead.

This morning I woke to the sound of rain, a grand thunderstorm that makes the idea of spending the day quilting very appealing. Instead, I have a hair appointment and staff lunch meeting, as well as plenty of satisfying work to do. Tonight, quilting while binge-watching Hulu.