screenshot-bad-usability-calendar1 So far this week I’ve taught two classes and taken part in, I think, three each face to face and phone meetings. I have two more meetings this week, and one more class. I’ve had a couple of meals out with friends and family and a couple of meals in with friends and family, no visits to the gym, and two rehearsals.

It is amazing that I can do this without going completely bonkers. I have clearly made a lot of progress in Overcoming Agoraphobia.

Still, I think I need spring break this year.

Obviously, I can’t take a week off. But I think I could have a busman’s holiday, going to some other place for a week to work. I need to decide where to go. It should be someplace fairly nearby, not too expensive, but where I can have a nice walk to an interesting place for lunch or something each day. Someplace I can drive to by myself, because I may have Overcome Agoraphibia pretty well, but I don’t want to push it. I also have to keep in mind that I have to pay another few thousand in tuition next month, so I can’t just head off on a cruise or something.