annualgarden_shade.jpg.rendition.largest.l I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere for Spring Break, but I did take the day off.

First I slept in till 6:30 and lolled around reading for a couple of hours. Then I went to brunch with #1 daughter for our weekly business meeting over quiche and fruit (me) and sausage gravy and biscuits (her).

I did some laundry, scrubbed a few counters, and read in the glorious spring afternoon, enjoying the sunshine and birdsong from a comfortable chaise longue.

I ran to the store and picked up soil and bulbs, arriving home to plant said bulbs with my husband and then loll around reading some more. I have scads of novels to review, so the lolling is a variant of work, but a very relaxed one.

The garden above is a tree wuth caladiums around it. You can’t really tell what those flowers are, so imagine that they are cannas and daylilies. I think the impatiens and torenias that are actually in the pictures garden plan would go nicely with the bulbs we planted and will probably go get some to plant later in the week.

My husband has gone to a party, so I am finishing out the day with further lolling and reading.

He has a coupon for a hotel stay at a casino. He has assured me that I won’t like it, and he could be right, since I am not so much a smoking, drinking, gambling sort of woman. More a reading, singing, sewing kind of woman.

#1 son has gone to Utah and #2 son to Georgia.