The clocks changed yesterday morning, but I was too tired to notice. Actually, when I woke at 7:47 yesterday morning I thought I had slept an incredibly long time to make up for my lack of sleep last week.

Today, however, was definitely a spring day. I went out on the porch after work to enjoy the soft, scented spring air. I pulled a magazine from the mailbox and read an article about sugar. The magazine made the usual points about the health issues with sugar, and introduced their 3-Week Sugar Challenge, complete with 21 baby steps readers can take to give up the insidious stuff.

Reading through these steps, I realized that I have no baby steps available to me. I don’t add sugar to berries or tea, I skip it when it’s an ingredient in main dishes and side dishes and salads, I don’t have to look for hidden sugars in convenience foods because I don’t eat them.

My baby steps for sugar would have to be things like, “Don’t eat pie” and “Eschew maple syrup on your waffles.”

However, since it is pi day, I went ahead and ate pie.