#1 son and then #1 daughter came over with their spouses, children (just #1 son, actually), and dogs. Balloo, a five month old chow, was super cute as puppies are. He’s fluffy, all black, and has a trick of looking up adoringly at people when they pet him.

Dilly, a two  year old Maltese, is staying over while #1 daughter goes on a float trip. We went for a walk, Dilly and I, to enjoy the lovely spring weather.

My husband took off after the kids left. I ate lunch on the patio and settled into a scheduled Lazy Day.

Actually, in addition to the walk, I also did Program 1 on the new treadmill, cleaned out the freezers, and took out the trash. IMG_3657

Mostly, though, I stuck with an arduous schedule of knitting, reading on the porch, playing with my planner, and generally lolling around enjoying the beautiful day.