I am declaring this SWAP complete at 9 items, which is obviously fewer than the official 11.

Fashion Color: Orchid

Neutral Color: Sand

I began with a print containing both colors for a two-piece dress. It’s a rayon border print, and I made the top and skirt from Simplicity 1467:


I made a skirted suit from orchid wool, using Butterick 4610 and the tailoring class at Craftsy:


I should have made trousers from this fabric, too, in order to follow the rules, but instead I made a skirt and pants but not a jacket in Sand colored Astaire stretch suiting, using Simplicity 1467 again:


Then I made three tops in accent colors from TNT patterns:



Poor photos, but all the pieces are comfortable, wearable, and coordinating, so I should feel well dressed this spring.

They also work well with items in my current wardrobe, and I think that going ahead and making two more tops in the same color scheme would cause me to end up with duplicates. I have a classic shirt, a lace-edged tank, and a shawl-collared blazer in that bright blue, for example. Nice color, but there’s a limit, isn’t there?

I regret not having found a blouse fabric in Hemlock Green, but overall I think I got good representation for the Pantone spring palette:


Nearly all the colors are in that print, including the yellow and orange, which I would otherwise probably not choose to wear.

It is some years since I actually completed a SWAP — or even got close enough to pretend I completed it, as I am currently doing.  In fact, I think this is the first time since I started my business. Definitely some satisfaction there.