It isn’t really that I’ve been procrastinating. I’ve been working, coping with crises, and of course knitting Christmas sweaters way past Christmas. That’s not procrastinating. I’ve also been working on habits and dipping a toe into the Cult of Tidying. I was thinking about going ahead and doing the clothes tomorrow. Oh, and I’m planning to learn to use my embroidery machine, too. And there are those important new work projects, and that book I’m writing. Planting the garden, increasing outdoor activity, and that Marsala lace scarf which needs to be finished while it’s still the Color of the Year.

But by this time last year I had finished my Spring SWAP, and I am ready to get started on Spring SWAP 2015.

Perhaps I should just power out this weekend and finish the sleeves of #1’s sweater. Then I would be free to take a PSD (personal sewing day) next weekend, as long as I get enough work done.

Or I could take a PSD tomorrow, and power out on all the free evenings of the week, and then I could also take a PSD next week, making two PSDs in all.

These are the deep thoughts with which I’m ending my workday on a Friday evening of such fresh spring beauty and softness that I am thinking of going now and sitting in a chaise longue while reading and drinking rum punch. Granted, I don’t drink, but a glass of water could be the stand-in.