Here’s a pretty Advent song for you — new to me, but I’d like to learn it. You could definitely sing it as you rush around madly today trying to catch up on all the work you didn’t do over the holiday. That’s how I’m spending my day, at least.  Download the sheet music, try out the karaoke singalong version, check out the lyrics in Tagalog, or try this auto translation:


Come, Jesus, come
Come, Jesus, come!You came into the beginning,
Or D’yos, human safety
The term is called Mo
A city servant to You.

Your guide people elect
The hope Your Messiah.
“Emmanuel” is the name given to him:
“We have the D’yos every time.”

Born Mary he knows,
Virgin only, Ornament of Judea
And “Jesus” is the name given to him:
“We are Tagapagadya D’yos.”

Coming back to the due date,
To all beings called
You heart and unify our Father
With love in mamaliw.

Don’t you love autotranslation? It adds an element of the surreal to everyday life. When I have time, I’ll come up with a better translation.