mtg7 We had our monthly staff meeting at #1 daughter’s place. We watched a video from the Soderquist Center, did a little exercise, and discussed the discussion questions.

I was afraid that people would dislike doing a cheesy team building/ leadership training exercise, but actually everyone got into it and we had a good discussion. The New Girl attended via Skype as a disembodied head, we learned some things about each others, and the exercise revealed one of the basic processes for our company: #1 daughter has an idea, she’s right, and the rest of us do it.

With the staff meeting, class, conference, and multiple phone meetings this week, I do of course have work to do today, and I certainly have to do housework since Thanksgiving will be here in days whether I’m read or not, but I’m going to give myself a lazy morning, at least until my husband gets up.