I went Cold Sheep back in October and, in spite of temptations in Eureka Springs, have not bought further yarn.

So how much yarn do I have?

I have three sweaters’ worth of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes worsted, three sweaters’ worth of sport weight, and enough Essentials sock yarn for a dozen pairs. I have 12 skeins of Telemark in several coordinating colors and a collection of green Knitpicks yarns that go with a book of Celtic patterns. Also half a dozen skeins of their laceweight Shadow. Apparently, I really love Knitpicks.


I’ve got three colors of Willow Rustic Aran: three each of Salmon and Cinnamon plus six skeins of Pink. Also very similar colors and quantities of Turkish worsted weight and three of a bold cinnamon tweed.

I have a couple of sweater’s worth of Elan DK, one sweater’s worth of wool/silk from Colorado, and one sweater’s worth of New Zealand possum fur yarn.


I have a bunch of one and two skeins of souvenir yarn suitable for hats and scarves and whatnot.

At three sweaters per year and a reasonable number of smaller projects, I should be set through this administration.