My husband is switching from unemployment insurance to TRA while he works on his English, so we are looking at more time with a straitened income, and perhaps some time in between the shift wit no income on his part at all. Fortunately, I have plenty of tea.


Plenty of yarn. I actually have enough yarn for at least five sweaters, more than I will have time to make this year, plus enough for a number of socks, scarves, and hats.


Plenty of stickers, too. These are the ones that are neatly sorted and arranged, but I also have a box of full sheets printed out and ready to cut, not the mention the files I have not yet printed or can easily print again if I need more.


I have plenty of fitness equipment, including DVDs and Wiii Fit programs, plus my Daily Burn subscription and of course lots of outdoor sports opportunities at no cost.


I’ve got plenty of food in the pantry and freezer,  lots of books in the Kindle, large stores of household goods and personal care products (plus a pretty steady supply sent free through Vine), plenty of fabric and other craft supplies, and no shortage of any necessary items I can think of.

I can, like the Proverbs 31 woman, laugh at the future.

We often think of stash building as a bad habit, but at times like these it can give us a warm feeling. I may have to pinch pennies before my husband finishes his training, but I can certainly enjoy evenings at home using up my various stashes.