Here is my souvenir of the pandemic. I hope this ends up being my only souvenir of the pandemic. If I end up with a mask or a death certificate I will not be as happy.

This is a little souvenir bag from Simply Socks Yarn Co. I saw it in their social media ad and clicked through. They’re giving it away with any order and they had some serious sales going on.

As I understand it, each skein is enough for a pair of socks, so I bought three skeins. I haven’t made socks in years, so I figure I will be able to use three nice new pairs of socks.

It seems like more yarn than I will need for socks. Pretty colors, right?

Between now and say, August, I’ll ruminate on which patterns to use.

Also a very nice note from the owners.

Right now we have to think most about deaths and avoiding them, but we may be facing an economic crisis once the health crisis is past. Or we might have both at once.

I hope I look back at this post next year having carried this bag with me on planes and trains and automobiles, having knitted from it in the park and at other people’s houses. I hope our nation learns some important things and our family business is thriving and I get to cuddle with my grandchildren all the time.

I hope we look back on the quarantine as a character building experience that improved us as a nation and perhaps as a world. Perhaps we will at least be more appreciative of our daily lives. Perhaps we will recognize how much we value one another. Surely we will have a new government, and maybe they will learn from this event.

In the meantime, I’m sewing right now rather than knitting, but soon enough I will be back to knitting, and will stay home and knit on.