I’ve wanted to make a triangular lace shawl for years, and have never done it. I think maybe this is because I find the charts confusing. And I am not very precise, so I make errors, which are so hard to fix that I give up.

I slept until I woke up, but I happened to wake up at 5:55 a.m., so I went ahead and got up and did my Wii Fit (3 days since last time… gained one pound). While stepping, I watched the Craftsy class on lace knitting.

Getting up at my normal alarm clock time is normal for vacations for me. When I travel, I like to end the day reading in bed. I’m not much for night life. I like to get up and find a cup of tea straightaway, have a hearty hotel or restaurant breakfast, and take a walk.

My lavish grocery shopping has left me with all the makings of a hotel breakfast: pastry, fruit salad, and scrambled eggs. I even have sausage and bacon, since hotel buffets usually offer those things as well.

Wii Fit can count as my walk.

I continued to work on my lace shawl until I made enough errors that I gave up. Not permanently, but for the moment.

At that point I switched to Ah la fraise.

Lovely mushroom ravioli and zucchini, some gardening with my husband, and so to bed.