I took the day off. I got my hair cut and then acted like a tourist, taking 8,000 steps and buying books and magazines.

When did knitting magazines start to cost $15 and  $20?

That splurge plus some grocery shopping made me feel indulged. My husband brought me  some fish and  my  knitting, and I relaxed on the sofa you see above with fish and fruit salad, Perrier, novels, and knitting.

I also bought and ate a bag of  M&Ms. I had resisted buying good chocolate in a number of  places,  but apparently I  couldn’t actually have my self-indulgent day without sugar.

The Evil Six have been on my menu a lot since my guys have been home, but I thought I’d get back on track right away once I felt more in control of my own circumstances. That has partly happened. I’m back on track with exercise and steps, I’m sleeping, but I’m still not consistently eating clean and I’m still on a weight loss plateau.

And yes, I think it’s clear that bread and sugar and dairy are part of that. But sugar and simple carbs do more harm than  just keeping pounds on. They cause stress for the pancreas and liver and endanger health generally.

2015 has been, as #2 daughter pointed out on the phone this morning, a stressful year. She changed jobs, my mother died, my stepfather needed a lot of help coping, my husband lost his job– all life events for other people, but all affecting me, too. I’ve also been working insane hours, I lost 50 pounds, I’ve taken on significant responsibilities at church, and am currently enjoying exciting times at work. So it’s reasonable that I should enjoy a little self indulgence now and then.

But it should be in the form of a day off from work, a haircut, a new workout, even buying a novel when I have dozens in my Kindle waiting to be reviewed. Not in the form of candy, pastry, and such.