It’s pretty clear that I won’t be able to finish all the blogs posts for next week — and all the projects — this week. So I can’t really take a vacation next week.

Now, I have written blog posts in a canal-side hotel in Paris, in a funky coffee shop in Colorado, overlooking a pool in Kansas City… Blogging hasn’t spoiled my vacations in the past.

But I sort of don’t believe in the staycation. People will want things. Things will need to be cleaned. My husband will whine about stuff.

Maybe I can do it. I can get up and blog in the quiet of dawn. With something luscious for breakfast. Maybe even go to a coffee shop where I’m a stranger.

A different routine. No bedtime or wake up time. Lots of reading in bed with a good cup of tea. No phone. No email. No routine, or at least a different one from my usual.

Different activities. A matinee movie with popcorn. Hikes. A meal at a new place. Shopping, even. Stuff I don’t normally do.

I might just have to be firm with myself.