I started the day with a few hours of blogging. In the course of that I answered a couple of phone calls and made a couple of sales. I therefore decided to end the workcation and go back to my staycation. Specifically, I decided to go ahead and have an urban hike.

I figured I’d find the local LYS (I haven’t been since they moved; I thought they had closed.) Turns out they are closed on Mondays.

In any case, I had planned to start my walk there and end up at the tea room about one mile away. But I was going to take the long way, enjoy the architecture, shop at unfamiliar places. Stretch it out.


This unfamiliar shop intrigued me, but it was also closed.


So was the handmade chocolates and pottery shop, and the musical instrument store. At this point, what with the 75 degree weather and general closed-ness, I decided to cut the urban hike short. I’ll do it another day. Earlier in the morning.

I went back home, once again lolling around and knitting. There may be a point at which I would get bored with this, but I haven’t reached it yet.

Ah la fraise is coming on well. It’s a raglan style knitted in pieces and sewn up. That doesn’t feel like the right way to do a raglan. It seems more reasonable to do it in one piece from the top down.

So it is currently in a pile of separate pierces and will not be worth looking at until all the pieces are finished and sewn together.

What else? Not much. Good healthy meals, fizzy water and Yorkshire Tea, The Catch on Hulu, general laziness. Smile.