I’m staying at #1 daughter’s house while she has a long weekend in Nantucket. Her place has lots of pretty vignettes like these. My great-grandmother’s Blue Willow and hurricane lamps blend with #1 daughter’s white porcelain pieces. Neutral tones look elegant together.


I worked in her black and white office after class and then bought a chicken Caesar salad and rolls at the Fresh Market. #1 daughter has a large TV set and I watched while I ate my salad. My husband came by — he’s staying with our animals, but came by to visit, so that was nice.

There’s nothing to do here, though. No knitting, no sewing, no little projects. I don’t feel that I can organize the drawers or anything. I’ll mostly be working — apart from a hair appointment in the morning — but it’s strange to have nothing to do with my hands in the evening.

Good, maybe. A change is as good as a rest. I stretched and had some white tea with mint and cleaned up the kitchen, and since I don’t live here I don’t feel responsible for anything much.

I did dance a bit, though. And I brought my Kindle, so I’ll have something to read.